Scrap Purchase Prices for Turkey

Type of scrap Price Valid until
DKP 7760 (TL/ton) 5/26/2022
Bonus 7620 (TL/ton) 5/26/2022
Extra 7225 (TL/ton) 5/26/2022
First Grade 6500 (TL/ton) 5/26/2022

- Our actual scrap purchasing prices as of 5/26/2022 are listed above.

- Domestic scrap admission hours : Monday - Saturday (08:00- 17:30)

Our Valuable Supplier,

As Asil Çelik Tic.A.Ş, some direct and indirect material supply proposals for procurement materials will now be sent to our valuable suppliers through our E-Procurement Platform:

User manual of the system will be available through here and please do not hesitate to contact Intengo for all your enquiries related to usage.


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