In order to meet goals and objectives under the scope of energy management, our senior executives commit and undertake to use any and all kinds of information and resources, as well as reviewing, updating and maintaining the accessibility, usability and integrity of knowledge for the following purposes:

  • to set goals and objectives that are in accordance with our corporate policies and also to implement action plans and to provide necessary information and resources in order to meet these goals and objectives;
  • to track, follow and implement any and all kinds of actions that are in accordance with legislations, laws and other conditions on energy;
  • to establish efficient communication in order to create common values and productive results on energy management;
  • to use suitable resources and technologies to maintain control of energy;
  • to increase the performance values of energy efficiency and density in accordance with the scale and purpose of our business in order to maintain continuous development;
  • to ensure efficient use of natural resources and energy and to increase the proportion of renewable energy resources;
  • to reduce energy consumption, to contribute for continuous developments on energy efficiency and to implement and supervise necessary measures for such purposes;
  • to use energy-efficient products, purchase and procure energy-efficient goods and services and to conduct respective design works in order to ensure energy efficiency improvements;
  • to continuously enhance, document, announce, review and update our Energy Management System;
  • to contribute to the energy awareness of our suppliers, sub-contractors, visitors and local community in addition to training our personnel on energy awareness,
  • to ensure mutual cooperation with our shareholders, suppliers, sub-contractors and employees