To recruit well educated, experienced and energetic candidates with an open mind for change and aiming at improving his/herself and his/her job with the goal of increasing competitiveness, keeping the leader position in the industry with the aspect of quality products and services.

To increase employees’ efficiency, quality awareness and development through education at every stage. To put emphasis on the safety, health and happiness of our company and employees.



As Asil Çelik, a family, Turkey’s largest and one of the World’s most prominent high quality steel producer which sustained its growth and development with each passing day, we believe that investing in our human resources is our most prominent job in order to perform better today and to better prepare for the journey towards tomorrow.

Our purpose in the education and improvement processes is to focus on the personal, occupational and corporate development of our human resources parallel to goals and strategies of our corporation and to increase the performance of both our employees and our corporation, thus resulting with an increase in our sustainable competitive power which translates to flawless customer satisfaction rate.

Organizing both internal and external occupational, technical, quality and personal development related training programs while taking individual and corporate requirements into consideration in order to cultivate employees who are prone to teamwork, open to development and change, are result and customer oriented and who produce and share knowledge and know-how.