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In the our World where globalization and intense competition is experienced, as a sustainable "World Firm" who sells their products to the world's leading companies and;

  • To increase our market share by keeping our “leadership in quality status” status in quality steel industry and by reaching different markets,
  • To improve our competitiveness with the participation of all our employees within the “continuous development and improvement”,
  • To apply new technologies systematically and regularly by following closely global technological developments,
  • To increase efficiency of all our processes by performing risk and opportunity analysis and to ensure of all our processes work with in "Minimum error",
  • To achieve a high level customer satisfaction by evaluating the requests, claims and suggestions of our customers with the aspect of “customer-oriented management”,
  • To give “the best SERVICE” by delivering the required amount of goods with “high QUALITY” and “LOW cost” at the right time,
  • To realize our production following Asil Celik behavior rules in harmony with the environment in way that does not disturb the natural balance
  • To ensure that the expectations of interested parties (internal and external) are met,
  • “See the next process as customer” and to “produce accurately at the first time and always” which is crystallized in the slogan “Quality is not controlled, it is produced”.