Asil Çelik, which prioritizes the environmentally friendly and harmonized manufacturing principle, is aware of the importance of protecting and improving its environment in order to increase the life quality in the eco system.

Under the scope of manufacturing and services conducted, Asil Çelik commits and undertakes to:

  • Comply with environmental regulations,
  • Protect raw materials and natural resources and to efficiently use them,
  • Determine and manage environmental risks for continuous improvement,
  • Develop policies that will reduce waste and energy consumption,
  • Conduct projects that will reduce the environmental effects of its operations and investments
  • Fight climate change and global warming,
  • Conduct actions that will increase the environmental awareness of the local community, employees, suppliers and contractors.

Parallel to manufacturing processes, Asil Çelik performs the following actions in order to achieve environmental goals and objects:

  • All of its raw materials are scrap metals.
  • Recycles at least 99% of waste products while storing the remaining amount on a regular basis.
  • Discharges its waste waters in Domestic and Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plants and reuses them.
  • Discharges all air emissions such as gas, dust, vapor and aerosol to the atmosphere in accordance with legal limit values.
  • Controls sera gas emissions and reduces them on a sustainable basis.
  • Monitors, measures, reduces and shares environmental parameters.
  • Minimizes smell, noise and visual pollution.
  • Uses best practices in its new investments, prefers green technologies.
  • Continuously improves environment management processes. Trains, informs and encourages its stakeholders on the protection, preservation and improvement of environmental values.