Asil Çelik attributes importance to Research and Development for many years and carries out its R&D projects using its own capital, utility platforms and TÜBİTAK. R&D department aims to contribute to the country economy with new products and technologies by transforming scientific and academic knowledge to products and processes and also by differentiating in the market with its new designs and also sets the vision of becoming a center in which high quality steel materials and production technologies are designed. In this context, Asil Çelik continues to work with both domestic and international R&D Centers, customers and universities in order to increase project capacity and versatility using both domestic and international utility platforms.


With its well-equipped laboratory infrastructure, Asil Çelik R&D Department develops project studies on the following subjects:

  • New steel composition designs,
  • Development of high-resistance steel for weight reduction purposes in the automotive industry
  • Increasing product performance by improving mechanical features of existing steel quality
  • Increasing production efficiency,
  • New production processes,
  • Advanced technology materials,
  • Steel production with high cleanliness,

Research activities for design, production and test conditions of high quality steel products used especially in the aerospace industry have been launched and the acquired “know-how” is evaluated with the cooperation of production and quality departments and controlled by systematic R&D Project Management Processes.

In order to enable access to actual, verifiable and trustworthy scientific sources, our R&D department has subscriptions to “Scopus” academic search engine and “Science Direct” scientific database whereas counsellors such as universities and experts contribute to our knowledge accumulation. In addition, R&D department attributes importance to personal and occupational development, a display of which is regular attendance to conferences and seminars.

R&D Department adopts the principle of concluding projects with innovation and continues to work for the completion of such projects with utility models and patents.