Asil Celik announces investments aimed at broadening SBQ manufacturing capabilities.


Asil Celik is the largest special steel producer in Turkey, servicing the automotive, machine manufacture industries, amongst others, both in country and around the world. Around 75% of Asil Celik’s 500.000-ton capacity is directly or indirectly exported, mainly to other industrialized nations.

Over the years, Asil Celik has developed a large and prestigious client base. To name a few examples; Renault, Fiat/Tofas, Karsan, Otosan, Turk Tractor, Hidromek, Ford (light commercial vehicle and truck division) and Mercedes (Bus and truck division) in Turkey. BMW, Mercedes, VW, Audi, Scania, Volvo, CAT and John Deere, around the world. Asil Celik produces custom made, critical application special steel for all these companies and more.

Asil Celik is hereby proud to announce that in addition to the current products, investments are now being undertaken on facilities aimed at broadening the grade range of the factory, adding capabilities for the production of re-melted grades as well as high-end stainless and tool steels, with an eye to meeting all possible customer demands.

Phase 1.  Steel melt shop performance upgrades: 
         - Decarbonization and degassing under vacuum unit,
         - Enviromental investments

Phase 2.  Tertiary metallurgical process investments, with the addition of: 
         - Electro slag re-melting (ESR) facility,
         - Vacuum argon re-melting facility,

Phase 3.   60.000 ton/year forging facility, consisting of:
         - Forging press,
         - Annealing furnaces,
         - Quench and temper and other heat treatment furnaces,
         - Inspection and finishing lines,
         - Grinding and peeling facilities,

Once the investment is completed, Asil Celik will have the capacity to produce 100 to 500mm Round, square and rectangular forged or rolled billets, as well as some other products, not currently produced in Turkey. These will include: 
         - Stainless steels,
         - Tool steels,
         - High strength thick or thin walled seamless pipe,
         - Up to 500 mm diameter forged (round or square) bars and axles,
         - Railroad axles,
         - Marine shafts.